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Sherpa Venture Studio Opens Shop in Toronto

July 2, 2022

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of Sherpa Venture Studio. A Toronto-based Venture Studio focused on enterprise software and managed services. We pursue ideas that solve existing business problems within mid-market enterprises across North America.

Sherpa Venture Studio partners with founders who have spent time in a business consulting or corporate role where they developed valuable software solutions or managed services expertise in their specific subject matter. Founders who understand the acceleration and risk mitigation a Venture Studio offers.

Founded by leading software executives who have worked together for 20 years, Sherpa Venture Studio's track record makes them well-positioned to capture this emerging market. Enterprise software expertise, fundraising experience, and an extensive support network ensure that Founders and their StartUps are positioned for growth.

“The advancements in technology continue to present opportunities in the enterprise software space,” said Frank Pizzolato, Partner - Sherpa Venture Studio. “Out of the gate, we decided to focus on our team’s collective strengths in enterprise software and managed services, where all of us founded, operated and successfully exited our respective companies.”

Leon Kharkhourin, Partner, said, “Over the last few years, we have tested our hypothesis while refining Sherpa Venture Studio’s offering and go-to-market. We are very pleased with the growth of our first venture Data Sentinel”.

Harjot Ghai, Partner, added, “It was an easy decision to pursue and build both managed services and enterprise software Startups. All of us at Sherpa Venture Studio understand the complexities of implementing enterprise solutions and the value added by professional services teams via a managed service offering. Moreover, we understand the nuances in go-to-market between software and managed services and have developed internal expertise to succeed in both. Providing high-value solutions to our StartUps’ clients while building lifelong client relationships is a key tenet of all our Startups.”

Daniel Di Giorgio, Associate, said, “At Sherpa Venture Studio, we deliver a comprehensive offering with daily interactions with our Founders and their teams. We focus on areas key to success, including product-market fit, go-to-market, business development, team extensions, talent acquisition and of course funding.” Daniel added, “Secondary but also important, we offer access to key technical, sales and marketing talent through our staff and advisory network.

"We are excited with Sherpa Venture Studio’s entry into our market and their specialization in enterprise software and managed services.”, said Craig Leonard, Partner at Graphite Ventures and Mars IAF. “Their decision to formulate managed services and enterprise software companies is a testament to Sherpa’s founding partners’ success and history in this sector. You have a group of guys at Sherpa with unparalleled knowledge and experience building StartUps in this sector. Both Mars IAF and Graphite Ventures look forward to our continuing collaboration. Their years of experience will serve new founders and their Startups well and be another boost to Toronto’s growing venture ecosystem.”

“The launch of Sherpa Venture Studio in Toronto is representative of the broader growth of venture and growth equity in the Canadian market, which we are keeping a close eye on,” said Senia Rapisarda, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners. “Sherpa’s leadership team has significant experience in the enterprise software space, and I am excited to see what ventures emerge out of their studio.”

“I have had the pleasure to work with Frank on a venture we exited last year. Any Founders invited to their Studio can rest assured they are partnering with a group focused on building a great business in the enterprise software and managed services space. I look forward to tracking their StartUps.” Robert Antoniades, Partner, Information Venture Partners.

“In Sampler’s early days, I was fortunate to be introduced to a network of talented and experienced advisors willing to share their knowledge to help accelerate my personal growth.”, said Marie Chevrier Schwartz, Sampler CEO. “Frank Pizzolato was one of my first trusted advisors and eight years into our Sampler journey I continue to value his opinion on strategic and operational initiatives. The launch of Sherpa Venture Studio offers founders the opportunity to join an experienced team focused on accelerating the founder’s business idea and their personal growth.”

Sherpa Venture Studio is open for business. Prospective founders, please connect with us here We look forward to chatting with you.

You can learn more about Sherpa Venture Studio here 


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